Fanteam is still gaining traction in the UK market, but there’s already plenty of players which have started to play in the Daily fantasy tournaments. Today, we bring you some Fanteam Tips which can make the difference between finishing in the money, or just missing out.

They aren’t going to be a cheat sheet to winning every tournament, although we wish we had one! However, they will definitely improve your game on Fanteam.

Let’s get started!

Multiple Entries

When you enter a Fanteam tournament, you aren’t limited to a single entry. Although you may prefer to only enter a tournament once, you need to consider making multiple entries.

There are so many benefits to making multiple entries, which we are going to discuss. Obviously, there’s a cost too, as your entry cost increases alongside each entry.

You simply increase your chances of finishes with every tournament entry. On Fanteam, the payouts are pooled. So, although you are entering multiple tournaments, all of these entries can still win you money.

Although the tournaments with huge guaranteed prizepools such as £50,000 may look great, if you can only afford one entry you’re going to struggle unless you get really fortunate with your lineups.

You’ll actually be better off by doing a few entries into a lower prize pot, as it allows you to cover more outcomes and possible lineups.

Imagine, I enter these below drivers in the F1 competition and captain Hamilton, with Verstappen as Vice Captain.

Fanteam F1

I am kind of forced into Captaining Hamilton, due to the fact he’s nailed on to win. The first place spot is worth 40 points, so if I don’t captain him, I have a high chance of falling behind.

However, on the chance Hamilton doesn’t win, my captain has been wasted. You can use multiple entries to change things around.

You can do the simple things such as keeping the same five drivers, changing the captaincy around. However, what I find most of the time is that I’ve found a selectin of 7-8 drivers, then I find myself closing down the shortlist.

More often than not, one of the players that I shortlisted and didn’t make the cut, ends up having a stormer of a game and I’m left frustrated at my own actions.

This can be negated very easily, by following the advice of building multiple lineups. It’s always handy to rely on your captain performing and securing you the goods, but it’s also very important to have multiple teams, with multiple captains which can help you secure the goods.

f1 fanteam prizepool

The top 17 places get paid, so you could well have multiple lineups of your own in winning positions.

Get in the Fanteam Freerolls

This doesn’t sound like a viable tip, and it does seem a bit weird saying go and enter the free tournaments to win money.

However, it’s so easily forgotten!

You won’t receive any emails that Fanteam are running a freeroll, so unless you’re active & logging in and checking frequently, you could easily miss them.

I’ve needed to use this tip myself today, with Fanteam running a freeroll for the F1 in Belgium this weekend.

The Prizepool is £250, so it’s definitely worth getting involved in. There’s a limit of seats in the freerolls, with each member allowed to enter once.

In addition to freerolls, keep an eye on the Fanteam social pages, as they often release limited tournaments, with only a few seats.

These are often satellites into the bigger tournaments, but they fill up really quick. Like super quick.

I’ve managed to luckily find a satellite and enter it, winning a free £5 ticket for a CS:GO event. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a success story.

I lost.

But, I could have won. The prize pool for this one was £1,000, which shows the immense value on offer. Especially for free!

Bankroll Management

I treat Fanteam professionally. As a professional gambler myself, I know all about having numbers on my side.

However, a bigger part of turning your game into a more professional atmosphere is the level of control you can apply. Some gameweeks, you’ll enter tournaments and sweep everything up. You’ll actually ask yourself:

Have I cracked the code? I can’t seem to lose…

You’ll most likely return back to Earth, when variance swings back and pulls things back. When you start a losing run, the fight or flight will kick in.

If you fight, you’ll end up chasing losses, entering more tournaments than you usually would, picking erratic team selections to try and win. It probably won’t work, it certainly won’t work all of the time anyway.

If you pack your bags and run, you’ll end up losing confidence in yourself & it would definitely be a setback for when you were to return. I did this many times in Poker. I would build up to around £2/£4 Cash Games, before suffering a loss that made me knock it on the head. (I’m not even talking about a balance-wiping loss, I suffered a bad beat).

All of the progress I made was gone, and I was back at the £0.25/£0.50 tables, although these weren’t where I should’ve been.

With Bankroll Management, you should always be in the position where you can handle losses. I like to play with no more than 0.5% of my bankroll at any time, although this is extremely conservative.

If a big tournament comes along, I am happy to open up a little, but my everyday stakes will not exceed 1% per tournament entry.

This currently puts me in a position where I am happy to place around 5-8 lineups in the £2 tournaments at once, or 1-2 in the £5 tournaments. I am not yet at the bankroll to be able to afford the £20 tournaments.

There’s no shame in that. As I’ve mentioned, if a big tournament comes along, like the Fanteam £1 million, I will enter it. I just couldn’t play at these stakes consistently.

Besides, the Fanteam FPL tournament is a season long game, with a huge prize payout. I have to be in that!

Bankroll management is key to success, in any form of life. If you’re saving for a new house, you need to manage your money to be able to afford it.

It’s a little more complicated with professional betting, as we must talk about Staking Strategies, but you’ll pick it up in no time.

Ride The Steep Learning Curve

I was a little to self confident when I started Fanteam. I saw the Prize Payouts of £5,000 for 1st place, so I automatically presumed I was going to win the tournament.

It’s safe to say I believed in myself a little too much, as I ended up finishing 60th, which was still a double-your-money position. However, I had already spent that £5k in my head!

Finishing 60th in my first ever tournament probably spurred me on a little, as I was ready to now go out there and completely destroy the lobbies.

I was going to be the first person to win every tournament that day… well not quite, but you can just tell how confident I felt.

What endured, was utter carnage.

Fanteam Tips

In a bid to find out what my safe zone was, I ended up trying multiple sports out, using multiple stake variations. Sometimes I would stick to the £2 ones, but othertimes I would enter the £20 specials. They were Guaranteed Prize Pools, which always cause a glimmer in your eye.

However, I did the wrong thing. I ended up slightly in profit, but I wasn’t aiming to make money with my initial attempt. I wanted to learn the platform. I failed. Why?

Fanteam is a platform like no other, offering daily fantasy sports and incredible entertainment. However, I was acting purely like a punter. I took no regard for wanting to learn, and I was jumping from sport to sport.

The golden rule for learning how the platform works, is to try and master a single sport at first.

Football is my chosen sport, specifically the Top 5 European Leagues (classic football fan), but this often led to me picking players with my heart, rather than the Fanteam scoring system.

I’d actually really recommend that you choose a sport you aren’t too familiar with, check out some statistics for the players & then enter some really low stakes.

Remember, you’ll need quite a large sample of matches, because you could easily get incredibly lucky, or unfortunate, in your first attempts.

Learn which players fit the scoring matrix. After this point, you can start to entertain the sports which interest you.

You’ll naturally already have an edge with these sports, as you’ll have conducted various ‘eye tests’ on the players in that league.

You’ll already have an understanding of the good and bad players.

Don’t get too down if you start losing at first, it’s completely natural. We hope that you learnt from these Fanteam tips, and we will ensure to add more to the Arsenal when applicable.

Until then, we wish you well in your DFS tournaments!

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