Fanteam is a well established product, which has only recently opened its doors to UK Customers. Due to many not knowing what fanteam is, I have decided to produce this Fanteam review, which will double up as a How to play Fanteam Guide.

What is Fanteam?

Fanteam is a Fantasy Sports based platform, providing the chance for people to use their knowledge of various sports to make a profit.

If you know Fantasy Premier League, it’s very similar to that… but it’s much more fun! We are aware that’s a huge claim, I’ve actually loved FPL for years, thinking that it’s the best thing going!

As soon as I registered at Fanteam, I realised that there was just so much more to do! In addition to the season long FPL inspired £1 Million game, there’s a huge range of Daily Tournaments, which all have huge prize pots!

It’s probably a good time to mention that Fanteam isn’t a platform independently offering football, there’s a huge range of sports available.

NBA, NHL, MLB, Basketball, E-Sports, Formula 1 & Football are the current sports available, with more being added frequently. Football is the dominant sport though, due to the Fantasy Football lovers flocking to it!

How does Fanteam work?

We are going to do a full walkthrough for Fanteam, but if you’ve played FPL before, you’ll know how to play quite easily.

Fanteam is a fantasy premier league based game, where players aim to pick a team and win huge prizes.

After registering, you’ll be taken to the gaming lobby, which contains all of the tournaments that are available, or coming soon.

Along the top of the lobby, you’ll find the featured events for the day.

There are two featured tournaments today, with the Inter game being by go-to, due to the fact that there’s a whopping 20 thousand up for grabs.

It’s super easy to enter the tournament, providing you have deposited money into your account. Simply hit the banner along the top of the lobby, or register on the lobby area.

If you don’t want to enter the £20 tournament, you will also find other tournaments, with lower and higher entry costs.

There are three tournaments to enter, but it’s early morning so there’s still plenty of seats left to fill up. A lot of players wait until the lineups are announced, to then enter their team. If you enter early, you can still change your team up until the cut off point, kick off.

I am going to enter my team, choosing the £20,000 guaranteed. As you’ll see below, entering tournaments is very similar to FPL, having to choose a lineup and remaining inside a budget.

What is different though, is the fact that you won’t always have to choose 11 players. For example, this is a 5 man tournament.

In addition to this, you aren’t locked down to a certain position. For example, you don’t have to choose a goalkeeper at all.

Fanteam Review Lineup

I’ve attached my entry, showing you the variation on offer. I have only decided on a single striker, due to thinking it will be a tight affair. I think Inter will win, maybe 1 or 2-0. This is why I have chosen Handanovic, as I’m hoping to clean up on the clean sheet bonus!

A Little update, Inter lost to Sevilla… so I didn’t win anything this time! It was a fantastic final, with Sevilla coming out as deserved winners.

This is the fun of fanteam though, the good thing is that I can dust myself off, and go again! There are plenty of tournaments to get involved in.

Choosing a Tournament to Enter

Picking a tournament to enter couldn’t be simpler. You will be able to access your lobby area, which contains all of the tournaments currently on offer.

You can filter to only show sports that you’re interested in, which is hugely beneficial. I know nothing about Ice Hockey, so I tend to hide those.

As I mentioned above, there are various tournaments for the same event, all coming with a different buy-in cost and total prize pool. Some of these events also have different rules, so be sure to check them out before you enter.

Tournaments are separated into 3 categories;

Official Fanteam Tournaments

The Official Fanteam tournaments are organised and ran by Fanteam. These come with hige prize payouts, as Fanteam guarantee the prize pool. They’re very similar to Poker tournaments with guaranteed prize pots.

What we like about the Guaranteed prize pools, are that they go ahead even if all of the seats aren’t filled. These tournaments would then be costing Fanteam money, but providing entrants more value.

Draft ‘n’ Go Tournaments

These tournaments are based around head to head competitions, with other Fanteam players. Again, in a similar way to poker, you could classify these as a heads-up tournament.

Entry costs also vary in these, depending on what the user has set as their limit. That’s right, users can create these tournaments & the rules too.

It’s definitely something worth checking out, although it’s important that you read the rules on each tournament as the person that creates the tournament could well be playing to their strengths.

Note, Fanteam also create some tournaments for the Head to Head categories, they aren’t all user created.

If you start playing and work out what your strengths are, be sure to create some tournaments yourself!

User Created Tournaments

User created tournaments is the area purely for community created contests.

You can set the Event that you want to play, choose the Buy in amount & set the rules. The rules include the prize pool, prize distribution & set how many players are required to be added into the fantasy lineup.

The minimum is a 5 a side lineup, with the max being a full lineup of 11 players.

Checking Previous Winners & Stats

Fanteam understand that previous stats are a must have, for serious players. It’s important for players which need to see how the scoring system works in the flesh, which is why it’s included in this fanteam review.

You can access all previous winners in the Fanteam Live Results area.

Fanteam Stats

The above image shows us the Bayern Munich final points for their 1-0 win against PSG in the Champions League Final.

Although these stats are from quite recent, we went back as far as 24th August 2020 & could see scores from back then too.

If you like your analysis, there’s plenty of data to get involved with.

Fanteam Player Matchups

I’m a huge fan of these player matchups. They make the game nights so much more interesting, and you can get involved for as little as £0.50.

What are Player Matchups? They’re certainly a new way to play, as I’ve not seen anything quite like these before.

With Player matchups, your aim is simple; to pick as many correct matchups as possible.

Fanteam generates a list of matchups, from various sports, for any given gameday. Your job is to pick the player which will win his duel. The good news is that it spreads over many sports, with around 30 picks available.

Now, you can only pick a maximum of 10 picks, so you can use your knowledge to pick the sports that you do know.

If you manage 10 picks, you are in with a chance for 500x your stake. If you don’t get 10, the payouts are still pretty good.

The odds are fixed, where you receive:

Number of MatchupsOdds given for Selection
Three4/1 (5.0)
Four9/1 (10.0)
Five17/1 (18.0)
Six34/1 (35.0)
Seven69/1 (70.0)
Eight124/1 (125.0)
Nine249/1 (250.0)
Ten499/1 (500.0)
The Odds for Player Matchups

It’s pretty obvious to suggest, Ten is the aim… as it’s highest paying. However, I’d also predict that it’s going to be quite difficult to pick 10 players correctly.

I’ve had some good success with between 3 and 5 players. The key here, is not to ‘over-play’. If you aren’t confident the player will win the matchup, simply don’t add him to the duel.

Another point worth noting, is that one of the players in the duel will win if the duel ends as a draw. This player is highlighted with an Asterisk. It’s very important as it’s the difference between a win or a loss.

Also, If a player in your chosen matchup doesn’t start the game, that particular duel will be cancelled and the prize will move down 1 step. I think this is incredibly fair, as we all know bookies would most likely settle the whole bet as void… or a loser!

The last rules that you should know are that in order to win a Player Matchup bet, all selected duels need to be correct.

Also ensure that you’re happy with your lineup, because once you have submitted your Player Matchups bet, it cannot be edited.

You can view your Player Matchups bet via the ‘My Overview’ > ‘Running/Closed’ > ‘Matchup’ screens.

Fanteam Freeroll Tournaments

Fanteam really are for the fans. They often run Freeroll tournaments, which mean they are completely free to enter.

The prizes aren’t always cash rewards, which might not excite some users. However, they are extremely generous with Free tickets to other tournaments.

For example, there’s a 60 man freeroll for the NBA today…

Fanteam Review

There are no cash prizes available here, but the Top 10 players all get free tickets to other tournaments. First place will receive a ticket in the £20 stake game, with the rest receiving a £2 free entry.

It’s pretty good, as what started out as a freeroll can give you the chance of winning £5,000 from a tournament.

Fanteam Sportsbook

Although Fanteam is predominantly for FPL styled tournaments and daily fantasy, they also have a sportsbook area. It’s similar to a standard bookmaker, but they also have exclusive markets which are FPL based.

In addition to the main markets, such as team to win, or first goalscorer, you can also bet on Fantasy duels, putting your money where your mouth is. On these, you can bet as singles, you aren’t required to place three or more selections.

It’s a nice side product alongside the Daily Fantasy Tournaments, allowing you to use Fanteam for your traditional betting aswell.

I suppose there’s no need to use multiple bookmakers, when you can put your funds in a single account and play there!

Is Fanteam legit?

Fanteam is completely legit. Although it started off with a huge fanbase in Norway, it’s opened up for business in the UK now too, and it’s gaining popularity every single week.

Fanteam are regulated by all of the same organisations that betting companies have to be regulated with, showing that they are completely legitimate. The authorities are the MGA & the Gambling Commission.

They are required to have a gambling licence, which they hold with zero sanctions. This means that they’ve followed all of the rules set out by the Gambling Commission.

Fanteam Review: Conclusion

I’m really enjoying Fanteam. I like Fantasy Premier League, although I always lost interest with it during the midpoint of the season.

Fanteam offers daily fantasy tournaments, which are short-term markets. These are much more exciting, and require a little bit less luck along the way too.

The rules for the tournaments are good, and I really like the scoring system.

If you do like the FPL season long bet, you can also compete in the Fanteam £1 million game, where 1st place will receive a guaranteed £500,000.

Remember, use this link to sign up at Fanteam.

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